Friend can't see my base

Platform: XB1
Description: Teleported to Base defense area with a friend, they could only see 2 walls but I could see my entire base.
Steps to reproduce: Teleported to base defence area after about 2 hrs of gameplay, we had already done easy mode and medium mode and had gone off to kill a Reaper and other stuff to get enough score to do hard. Upon returning, second player could not see my base except 2 walls and from my POV could sit in the Middle of the base shooting through walls at machines which actually took damage from his attacks.
Host or client: I was host, friend was in my game
Player in game: 2
Specs: Xbox 1 S

(Qfter quitting the game and reloading he could see my base again, but thought I would share this anyway because it was strange)

I’ll add my recent experience:

Platform: PC

Description: Fasttravelled to the base area and there was nothing there, except for 3 loot boxes and 3 interact icons (to start attacks). There was not even a truck. I could move freely through the entire base area. From time to time I saw animation of destroyed walls during the attack.

Steps To Reproduce: Go to the host base.

Host or Client: Client

Players in your game: 3

Specifications: i7 10700K, 32G RAM, RTX 3080