Friends spawning at the current progressive checkpoint/safehouse

Currently, I am playing with 2, and every time they join me (the host), they spawn at the start of the game (the boat docks) forcing them to unironically kill themselves :moyai:. I’m not sure if this is a bug, but if it isn’t it’d be more convenient to make it so they spawn at the current progressive checkpoint/safehouse.

It is just where players spawn when entering a server they are not host of. Not sure why but has always been that way.

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Only reason I can see that they would have to “kill themselves” is they are too heavy to fast travel. If that is the case, they should make it a point to NOT be overweight when they exit the game.

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They begin at the start because the clients progression isn’t saved in the hosts game files.


That may be, but that’s not a reason it can’t be adjusted to put you at the nearest safehouse to the host like it would for the host. Since you’re guesting in the game, your progression already is revamped to match the host’s progression, so starting at the initial location makes no sense.

Also, though, fast traveling shouldn’t be a problem unless they’re sprinting disabled, and that’s their own fault for jumping into a game without having lightened their load first. My fire team always makes sure to unload in their own game before we accept someone else’s invite to theirs. It’s just a good protocol to follow.


Will deploying a Field Radio work so that your friends can fast travel to you? Just guessing since I haven’t played coop yet.

Most players will spawn to the closest safehouse, but if the host would like his friends to join where the host is at then that would be what the host would normally do. Tossing a field radio down is a friendly invite to come join where the host is at. Not all hosts want to give that invite.

I host a lot of public co-ops and field radios are used a lot during the game play. Depends on the skill of the incoming guests, but most will take a few seconds to minutes to study the map and then decide on what to do. New players to the game may ask what they should do, sometimes before they make a move.

Sprinting Disabled also disables fast travel, whether you use a safehouse or a field radio. So, no, that won’t help.

While the “just lighten your load” response seems simple it doesn’t help traders who just arrived to trade. Add in a random joining and now if you made the mistake of trades at the start point the random may grab the gear. It shouldn’t be hard to just spawn you in the last place YOU saved or as close to the host as they have discovered a travel point. I.E. the last point the host traveled to. It has to access both saves or how would you access your own gear in the hosts world…