From Broke to Moor Broken

My First runthrough over 60 hours and 5 Missions unfinishable and Uttern Bunker broken, not to mention all the Bugs and workarounds just to get to that point. So I quit till you Guys patched the Game and started over. Now you are going to screw me wanting to play solo by getting ruining the Adrenalin drops and every article of clothing I pick up that has a + shows no Bonus under the Profile menu. Looting is the worst part of this game you have to do so much of it that it breaks any chance of Immersion, and now I have to logout and loot an area over and over just to get a few Adrenalin shots lol. Thanks for wasting my Money and my time on your crappy Game.

Yeah, you’ve made the Game unplayable for Solo play. I’ve been playing with multiplayer open now for at least 6 hours of Gameplay and only had 1 person rezz in and leave shortly after.
Thanks a lot for further ruining this Game.

And Ammo is disappearing from guns while they are in use, thats especially fun while playing solo.

Your Matchmaking System is crap. I just tried to join a Game with the player CrowPerson and was asked by them, " Is the Loot Clientside?". I asked what they meant, making the assumption, but not sure, that they were worried other players could take their Loot. But instead of clarifying themselves they kicked me from their Game. I have been trying to join other players Games and this crap Matchmaking System keeps putting me in this Players Game and they keep instakicking me. Your System is allowing Trolls to troll, fix your shit Game.