From where comes the GZ story idéa

I wonder if some idea’s to Generations Zero comes from this TV-series: Femte generationen | SVT Play from the year 1986?

English resume:

An super computer gets self aware and catches a ride in an 18 year old boy.

Or is it more from the Lawnmower man 1992, The Lawnmower Man (film) - Wikipedia?


It is more likely that they want Sweden in a game, considering that only the USA and other countries make games, Sweden wants to reach out to their friends / fans

44 people have seen this but no one has answered, it hurts like us from the sweden who answers. sounds more logical. a game from sweden is a good thing. it just shows the sweden people that we are not so bad at games. Help of USA, its not so bed.

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Devs have taken inspiration from many things, including but not limited to:

  • Terminator movie series (e.g GZ main theme is almost the same as Terminator main theme)
  • Their own childhood memories (many devs were teens back in the '80s)
  • At the time of development, there were plenty of Zombie games and instead of making another zombie game, devs opted to go with machines instead (which turned out very well)

okey, thats good to now, thx Aesyle :smile: