Frustrating moments

Games crash from time to time. And so does GZ occasionally. Quite rarely these days, actually. So this thread is not about bitching. It is just venting a bit of frustration when things go wrong at precisely that moment …

For a very long time I’ve just had the KVM89 as 3* in my Plundra. That has annoyed me a bit because my collection of 5*'s was incomplete. So today I went to Tarnboda Skans to pick a fight. And that fully lived up to my expectations. After quite a while fighting hoardes of machines I had finally secured the area. So I went for my spoils. The final machine - a harvester - revealed it’s loot and there … a 5* KVM89 to complete my collection. As I reached out to grab it … the game crashed :triumph::imp:

I probably wouldn’t use it anyway, as I’m well stocked in powerful weapons. But …

I feel you.

This reminds me the old days, where things were far worse. On countless amounts of times, i was just about to finish off last few machines or was about to start looting the machines when game crashed. No loot, all the time spent for the battle was lost and i also lost all the ammo/gear i used during the battle.

This was especially hard since i had to do the long battle again but this time, with far less resources than before.

Oof… This is frustrating! I have never lost a weapon the way you describe, but I have been in huge battles where the game has crashed at the end. In that case, I lost the accumulated XP for low lvl. characters, and the potential loot they carried.

One thing that really bugs me though! I can’t believe that the game crashinng when a Tank charges you is still an issue after all this time!! After the december update, Tanks lost their will to charge, but after the latest update, Tanks charge like never before. This means I now only shoot off one of their weapons before finishing them off…
Anyway, I just think this ought to be fixed by now, if not months ago… :thinking: