Fuel Cells don’t deal damage to player

Platform: PC
Host: single player game
Specifications: Intel 8750H, 32GB RAM, Geforce 2080 MaxQ, Windows 10 build 19044.1526, Nvidia driver package 511.65

Description: Fuel Cells don’t deal damage to player
Steps To Reproduce: take small, medium or large fuel cell, place under your feet and shot it.

Enemies receive damage: tested with large fuel cell and military harvester

Explosive Gas Tanks, Compressed Air Tank, mines or grenades all deal damage as expected.

There was similar problem reported but it was about overall explosion, reported problem is about damage to player (non-existent damage).

Have you tested if it’s consistant, even after a restart?

Edit: I just tested it myself, and indeed no damage.

When I made the challenges where you have to place traps with radios and mines/gas tanks/fuel cells I sometimes had the situation, that the fuel cells did not explode when the mines exploded.

Car explosions are currently player-friendly: