Fuel Cells or Explosive Gas Tanks better?

Does anyone know if fuel cells are any more powerful than gas tanks? Cells seem less common so I figured they might do more damage?

Kinda strange how they all weigh the same too, you’d think small fuel cells should weigh less so you could carry more of them.

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Depends on the size. I reckon a Small Fuel Cell is just about equal to a gas tank, or perhaps a grenade. A Medium Fuel Cell is pretty on par. A Large Fuel Cell is more powerful, but don’t they weigh more? :thinking:


Hmm pretty sure they’re all 1kg. I’ll try and test the large cell vs gas tank if I find another, but I think there should be a stat for explosive damage anyway.

late to the party… was trying to find info abt damage myself so I presume others will too.

So I tested with what I had in my inventory…
deployed and stood on them when shooting at them. With rocket launcher I shot where I was standing. with nade threw on the wall and moved over it.

rocket launcer HEDP: 73HP
large fuel cell: 73hp
compressed air tank: 64HP
explosive gas tank: 55HP
grenade: 55HP
small fuel cell: 36HP

edit: added large fuel cell dmg

I don’t know if this has changed recently but I have always found it difficult to test the larger fuel cells against larger machines where the BOOM effects would be best used because when I run out to find a big machine to pull into the large fuel cell’s blast radius, I find out the large fuel cell de-spawned out of the game.

Has anyone who recently used explosives, had the same experience?

Now that we have sensory jammers in the game, we can now effectively test how effective things can go BOOM! On big machines.

wonder if damage is same to machines though? I hope it is =)

ah yes, forgot to mention that rocket launcer was blue/3crown tier

I don’t actually use any of them due to the weapon wheel never having enough space for me to add them.

You don’t have to place them on a slot of the wheel. You may drop them directly from your inventory, too. (triangle on Playstation)

Well, and on the other hand… There never is enough space for shortcuts for every existing item and weapon, that’s why we have to manage our inventory and to prepare for situations.

You could also replace an not as much needed weapon or item temporarly with a gas tank, drop them by using the wheel (is faster than from the inventory and you have more control) and if you finished and have time you replace the slot with the original item or weapon again.

They are very heavy for my character i tend to not pick them up… deploying them is ok but enemies have killed me with gas tanks after i deployed and didn’t have time to get away…

That’s why you should use them for building traps… Before the battle starts :wink:

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I was but they saw me and started firing and hit my gas tanks lol, it was messy.

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