Full auto or single shot damage perks

Just curious what peoples opinions/or the facts are. My first character is kind of a jack of all trades. skilled at many, master of none

I want my 2nd character that I literally just started now to be more of a marksman. Is the single shot from a full auto weapon perk better then the automatic damage perk?

I guess what I’m saying is, is it better to create a total marksman class or am I better off kind of having a sniper team rolled into one person? If that makes sense? (have the exp .50 cal as my reach out and touch someone weapon and use my exp AG4 in full auto or does single shot do more damage with the buffs)

Well the auto damage does 10% iirc. So does the semi auto on automatic weapons(Unless I misrememberd and it is 15%). So the auto damage is better dps wise. If the single shot auto only affects auto weapons turned to semi, then the .50 cal will gain no benefits. So I would say do automatic weapon damage. Which is the Trigger Happy skill. That tree also has some good skills in it as well.

So better off keeping the full auto damage buff then for close in things?

Really wish they had a semi auto (sniper rifles and hunting rifles) damage buff

Yeah. It would be better for overall damage. But if you really like sniping. Getting the other skill will not make the game that much harder if at all. Also yeah a sniper damage boost would be cool,

I mostly use semi-auto in AG4 just because accuracy and manageable recoil. Basically everything drops as fast as using full-auto, but it saves a ton of bullets in the long run.

Both skills give equal bonus:
Trigger Happy - lvl1 5% ; lvl2 10% damage with automatic
Make 'Em Count - lvl1 5% ; lvl2 10% single shot damage

Weapons affected:
Trigger Happy - HP5, Kpist, AI-76, AG5, AG4, KVM 89, KVM 59.
Make 'Em Count - HP5, AI-76, AG5, AG4 (in semi-auto fire mode)
Unconfirmed for Make 'Em Count - Möller, Klaucke, Sjöqvist shotgun, 12G shotgun, .243, .270, .50 cal

As far as skills go, that depends on play style. But sniper is all about accurate shots over long distance. So, for sniper, Trigger Happy skill is useless. And to get that skill, you’ll be spending 5 skill points, that could be used for other skills, either to unlock new ones or improving existing ones.

For sniper build, the following skills help the most: Marksman, Make 'Em Count, Component Damage (3rd skill in left Tech tree).
Marksman removes ADS sway, making your shots very accurate. Make 'Em Count gives additional damage in semi-auto fire (e.g AG4 + 4-8x scope in semi-auto fire, which i love to use) and Component Damage increases damage you do against machine components.

Armor Damage and Trigger Happy, while useful, are mainly meant for those who doesn’t go after machine components and are firing at the general direction of the machine. Sniper, in the other hand, should focus on components, hence the Component Damage skill.

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Make ‘Em Count is only extra damage vs components (which you should be aiming at anyway!), so that’s worth mentioning. Trigger happy bonus applies to everything (that also includes components, since it’s a general damage increase), as long as you’re using automatic fire mode. Automatic fire mode doesnt’ mean you have to blast away at full auto though, plinking away single shots works just fine even in that mode (with the occasional two shots fired every now and then).

I would really like to have both, but not for the price of what I would need to sacrifice.

(EDIT: I added a schematic I made to show how my Vanguard is built, and how my Marksman will be built once it’s completed. Just remember, I claim no expertise in this.)

On the Vanguard, I could have sacrificed the Tech, right branch, and instead picked left to get Component Damage instead of Salvage, but in the end I find Salvage more valuable since this build is not focused on precision.

As said, the Marksman character is a work in progress, currently at lvl. 15 or something. On that one I will definitely go for Component Damage, and instead leave out the right Tech branch. And naturally, I will use Make 'Em Count instead of Trigger Happy.

So like others have said, it’s all about your playstyle. :wink:

On my third build I went with the minimum points to get the Marksman specialized, with only the recoil perk having full points. The reason is once you have the Marksman active the other perks in the tree are covered 100%, no weapon sway, hip fire mostly not used, and make em count , really ?1 point for 5% more damage under very specific condition ??. Not worth it in my opinion.
The Vanguard tree is completely worth it except for run and gun. So I swap between specializations depending on situation. The only thing I would have done differently is not put points into health amount ( bugged the more you have the more damage the bots do). Flanking and throw accuracy would have gotten those points as they are far more useful, flanking especially when you playing multiplayer. Yeah so Trigger Happy all the way yahoo