Full auto shotgun and homing rocket launcher

Just something that I would like added nothing special just two weapons i think would be fun

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I like it, but I don’t think those were available in the 80’s. But maybe they could be the experimental versions.

The AA12 was invented in 1972, says Wikipedia.

A homing rocketlauncher would be nice against firebirds, at least.
But for this case we already got (DLC) the homing turret.

Nevertheless, two examples for automatic targeting, the Javelin was invented in 1989, Produktion since 1996, the soviet 9K123 Chrisantema was invented in mid of 1980s and got in service since 2004.

At least experimental versions could be real.

There could be three scenarios for GZ I could think off.

  1. A new rocketlauncher with this ability
  2. A weapon augmentation for the existing rocketlauncher(s), like a scope which gives the ability
  3. Experimental ammo with the ability.

Either way, they should work like the homing turret with automatic targeting. You would have a great chance for a hit, but also a great chance for not to hit what you wanted to hit, as the rocket could be misguided to a runner Lynx instead of a firebird, for example.

You are correct about the AA12 but the javelin and 9K123 are missile systems. I can’t see people carring around a backpack full of missiles where the ammo is as big as the weapon.

What’s the difference to carrying what we actually carry with us?

A handfull of heavy weapons, some sidearms or meele weapons, ammo for each (Like 30 shots for granatgevär plus thousands of bullets), grenades, emps, radios, explosives, med kits, some autoturrets and homing turrets, and even a runner…

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True. But all of those things can be carried by people in small amounts. Missiles on the other hand are not. They come in large crates carried by more than one person and are taken out one at a time.

Gimme my SPAS12 and all will be good. :sunglasses:

There were many homing rocket launchers in the 80’s. Most of the ones we use today were invented then. But for the sake of the game, perhaps a compromise would be another experimental weapon, that fires guided grenades? That would be cool. :slight_smile:

Incorrect. They are missiles. Anything back then that had a ‘homing or heat seeking’ capability was too big to be carried around. And if they were, they were a one use only. Unlike RPG’s or the Swedish Carl Gustaf 84 mm recoilless rifle M1 which is what the m/49 in game is modeled from, their ammo can be carried.

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You’re right, of course. A rocket launcher is very different from a missile launcher.

As for if it’s too heavy to carry, that can perhaps be adjusted for gameplay purposes.

Now what I’d like to see is a Milkor MGL! Six shot revolver-like grenade launcher, which can be fired about 1 a second. Comes with different rounds Heat, Pyro, tear gas/smoke and high explosive and also can use scopes or sights. Introduced in the early 80’s.

And here I was thinking the full auto shotgun was the problematic one.

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Just took a minute to search some Info about that.
The US Javelin + one missile have a total weight of about 20kg.

It can be carried and used by a single person.

It’s not about the weight really. Its the size of the ammo! Like I said before, they don’t carry the ammo; it’s brought in crates.