Full auto shotgun and homing rocket launcher

Just something that I would like added nothing special just two weapons i think would be fun


I like it, but I don’t think those were available in the 80’s. But maybe they could be the experimental versions.

The AA12 was invented in 1972, says Wikipedia.

A homing rocketlauncher would be nice against firebirds, at least.
But for this case we already got (DLC) the homing turret.

Nevertheless, two examples for automatic targeting, the Javelin was invented in 1989, Produktion since 1996, the soviet 9K123 Chrisantema was invented in mid of 1980s and got in service since 2004.

At least experimental versions could be real.

There could be three scenarios for GZ I could think off.

  1. A new rocketlauncher with this ability
  2. A weapon augmentation for the existing rocketlauncher(s), like a scope which gives the ability
  3. Experimental ammo with the ability.

Either way, they should work like the homing turret with automatic targeting. You would have a great chance for a hit, but also a great chance for not to hit what you wanted to hit, as the rocket could be misguided to a runner Lynx instead of a firebird, for example.

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You are correct about the AA12 but the javelin and 9K123 are missile systems. I can’t see people carring around a backpack full of missiles where the ammo is as big as the weapon.

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What’s the difference to carrying what we actually carry with us?

A handfull of heavy weapons, some sidearms or meele weapons, ammo for each (Like 30 shots for granatgevär plus thousands of bullets), grenades, emps, radios, explosives, med kits, some autoturrets and homing turrets, and even a runner…


True. But all of those things can be carried by people in small amounts. Missiles on the other hand are not. They come in large crates carried by more than one person and are taken out one at a time.

Gimme my SPAS12 and all will be good. :sunglasses:

There were many homing rocket launchers in the 80’s. Most of the ones we use today were invented then. But for the sake of the game, perhaps a compromise would be another experimental weapon, that fires guided grenades? That would be cool. :slight_smile:


Incorrect. They are missiles. Anything back then that had a ‘homing or heat seeking’ capability was too big to be carried around. And if they were, they were a one use only. Unlike RPG’s or the Swedish Carl Gustaf 84 mm recoilless rifle M1 which is what the m/49 in game is modeled from, their ammo can be carried.

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You’re right, of course. A rocket launcher is very different from a missile launcher.

As for if it’s too heavy to carry, that can perhaps be adjusted for gameplay purposes.

Now what I’d like to see is a Milkor MGL! Six shot revolver-like grenade launcher, which can be fired about 1 a second. Comes with different rounds Heat, Pyro, tear gas/smoke and high explosive and also can use scopes or sights. Introduced in the early 80’s.


And here I was thinking the full auto shotgun was the problematic one.

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Just took a minute to search some Info about that.
The US Javelin + one missile have a total weight of about 20kg.

It can be carried and used by a single person.

It’s not about the weight really. Its the size of the ammo! Like I said before, they don’t carry the ammo; it’s brought in crates.

Necro, for sake of correction.

For certain launchers, the missiles are portable and a gunner or assistant can and does/will carry several into action. These systems are two part at least, commonly with a guidance or control unit (“the sights” or “the trigger”) and a pre-packaged missile in a launch tube (“the weapon”). The control unit is reusable, and is kept by the gunner. The launch tubes are disposable, come pre-loaded with a missile from the supplier, and mount and dismount to the control unit for launching, and are discarded after use or sent back to the factory for reloading. For weapons like the Javelin, the gunner will have the control unit and one missile tube, and an assistant will have an additional missile tube. Yeesss, they’re basically crew served weapons—otherwise, yeesss, they’re basically one time use and then you’re back to using your service rifle or sidearm and bad language against the enemy. Unless you happen to have a vehicle like a flakmoped or a US ARMY MULE to carry extra ammo for you, or your Runner companion…oh, wait, we have two of those.

Other weapons like that include the newer French Eryx, the older American M47 Dragon (effectively a man-portable TOW ATGM), and for air defense options there are things like the FIM-92 STINGER, STRELA, IGLA, etc.

I wish I could remember the name of the movie, but there was at least one where the process of putting a STINGER into action was demonstrated… It was a movie that focused on pilots of attack helicopters, I think during Desert Storm… A helicopter gets downed, I think it was an Apache. Whatever it was, it was a type that regularly carried Stingers on the wingtip weapon stations, for use against enemy helicopters. An enemy aircraft, I think a helicopter, is approaching… The pilot of the downed helicopter is wounded, so he has to instruct someone—I think a scout helicopter pilot who had landed to try and rescue him—how to dismount the Stinger from the crashed helicopter, check to see if it is functional, mate it to the necessary control unit parts to put it together as a MANPAD, and then put it into use. It’s a matter of taking the launcher tube (with missile inside) off the wingtip hardpoint, mount a few parts including a power pack and a trigger group, and then you’ve got a weapon an infantryman can use. Pretty sure the movie was accurate about all that.

As for shotguns, the version of the AA-12 that was around at the time was a far cry from what we all know of today. It was—…ugh…a development test mule prototype hunk of junk, at the time. The idea was there, enough to show promise, but it was so rough and primitive… The AA-12 as we all know it today is a much more recent, full-fledged final development stage. There is an alternative that was in a usable state at the time, though—the USAS-12, which was a very functional development between the ‘old’ AA-12 and the ‘new’ AA-12. The USAS-12 would basically be the next best thing to the AA-12, with pretty much all the features one could want, and fitting the timeline better. Select-fire, semi-auto and full-auto capable… Detachable magazines, 10 round boxes or 20 to 30 round drums…folks who watched Stargate SG1 might be familiar with the USAS-12, as it featured prominently in a few episodes…disassembling the Assemblers, for one. Sweeping Ticks, it’d be great for. If you ever saw the original ‘Jumanji’ I think the new gun the hunter gets part way through the movie is a heavily modified USAS-12, as well. Inspiration for an experimental version, maybe…?

There was another shotgun used by the US forces in Vietnam that was full-auto, also. It was fed from a tube magazine, though, so reloading was a bit of a drag. They were basically conversions of civilian semi-automatic shotguns, the Remington 1100. The specific full-auto variant used by US NAVY SEALS was the Remington 7188. The magazine tube beneath the barrel was extended, capacity of eight rounds, 12 gauge. They had a pretty unique barrel/magazine tube ‘clamp’ frame arrangement and perforated heat shield, made them look very beefy and intimidating. They were used in jungle fighting to break up ambushes; you get into an ambush, you don’t run, you FIGHT like mad and hope to scare the enemy off. Suddenly unleashing hell with a full-auto shotgun isn’t a bad way to scare the hell out of human enemies, at least. Of course, they made short work of enemies up close when employed TO ambush said enemy, also. Same timeframe as the M21/S21, M60/N60, MAC-10/COM-10, and M79/G79, so, there is precedent for reaching back to that time… It was basically the updated trench broom of the time. Trench broom, Tick broom, sounds good to me.

Of course, could just go with the SPAS-12 instead. Semi-auto or pump-action, not full-auto…but bonus points if they made an experimental version based on the shotgun used by ‘the Driver’ (Charlie Sheen’s character) in the 1980s sci-fi/fantasy punk racer movie, ‘The Wraith.’

There is also the South African Striker, otherwise commonly known as the Streetsweeper… The Streetsweeper version sucked, the Striker was the good one. The reload would be pretty excruciating and I’d hate to see them go some easy cheap-out way with it and just have the ‘drum’ removable…it’s a revolver, not a drum-magazine-fed semi-auto! But, the long and awkward reload would be worth it, I’d say—12 rounds of 12 gauge as fast as you can pull the trigger, to start an engagement? Combined with some clever use of EMPs and trap items, I think it’d be a beast. The Striker would fit the timeline, as it was around in the earlier 80s. The later versions like the Streetsweeper and Protecta were crap quality or crap manual-operation redesigns, and wouldn’t fit the timeline.

Now, as for a revolving grenade launcher—…ohh, yeesss, pleeaase! Any game that lets me play with one of those—…ahh, gotta love the 40mm sixpack. Would be especially cool if we could mix shells in a single load. One EMP, three HEDP, one smoke, one EMP… Would be an interesting way to start an engagement.

Mixing shells like that should be something we can do with other weapons, too, though. Maybe not “because you want to” but “because it’s dumb to only load a few shells when you have enough to fill the gun/magazine, but they’re of different types.” Tough to program and get that to work right, though, but I have seen it as a possibility before. STALKER was great like that. Shotgun, almost out of buckshot? Don’t just walk around with a half empty gun! Top off the mag with whatever you have!

Follow-up: The movie was ‘Fire Birds’ from 1990. (Interesting coincidences…) Alternative title was ‘Wings of the Apache.’ It wasn’t a movie about Desert Storm like I had thought it was, but instead something a bit fictional, about the drug war. It did indeed focus on Apache attack helicopters, and did indeed feature a particularly accurate scene involving the STINGER, just as I described. An Apache gets downed, a scout helicopter pilot lands and tries to come to the rescue… Curiously enough, the enemy air asset that comes back to try to finish the job is supposed to be a SAAB Draken—third interesting coincidence! Anyway, one of the Apache crewmen does indeed instruct the scout pilot on how to quickly convert one of Apache’s ATA STINGERs into a MANPAD, and with it the scout pilot fends off the aggressor. I think the scene in the movie was even particularly well regarded because it WASN’T just a dumb prop weapon—the parts and the process of putting everything together for use, supposedly spot on, correct.

Anyway, there is no reason why missile launchers couldn’t be implemented as single-use weapons. Like a hand grenade, consumed on use. “Our poor survivor is too dumb/uninformed to disassemble and reassemble a STINGER, etc, so they just fire it and then dispose of all those unfortunate reusable parts…” That’d make some other one-shot/disposable unguided/dumb-fire rocket launchers and the like eligible as well. The Old US M72 LAW rocket, the Swedish AT4/M136 that eventually replaced the old M72, the German Armbrust, French APILAS, or other devices.

Another odd example of single-use disposable weapon that could also be implemented would include a flamethrower, based on German pieces from WWII and after—the Einstossflammenwerfer, or Handflammpatrone, etc. These were essentially one-shot flamethrowers, just enough fuel for one good burst, then the thing would be discarded. Not to be confused with the Panzerfausts, their one-shot disposable anit-tank weapons—which would also be suddenly eligible (but unlikely to see)…

“But why bother?” Well, just for the sake of potential variety, I guess. No need to include everything that ever gets mentioned, folks just throw out a huge list of things they’d like to see and hope that SOMETHING sticks and gets implemented. The AT4/M136 would essentially be a lighter weight, single-shot-then-discarded equivalent to the 84mm recoilless rifle we already have. A Soviet STRELA or IGLA or American STINGER would essentially be a guided anti-air equivalent, for people like me who absolutely HATE Seekers and want to NUKE them, or for normal people to use against Firebirds pretty much exclusively. One of the ATGMs would obviously be intended more for use against the heavy surface targets, with the user expecting to do more damage than the current 84mm does.

Besides, the devs have already worked on guided weapons at this point, so it isn’t outside of the realm of possibility. Would be nice to see them put that work to use a bit more, for another point. The Firebird’s balloon trap weapons appear to be guided missiles, then we have the goofy deployable guided mortar station…would be nice to have a shoulder-fired option for ourselves, just to sort of round things out.

If one-shot weapons aren’t cool enough to consider, maybe a four-shot weapon? The M202 FLASH, perhaps? Essentially four M72 LAW rocket launchers stuck together, but actually a bit more than that… The M202 was reloadable, four rounds at a time. Folks might remember it from one of the Call of Duty titles, I think Black Ops 1—think the M202 was a killstreak reward…think it even came with a reload, so you had more than four shots. The M202 was also in at least one movie, think Arnold used it at least once. Almost always shown firing explosive warheads, the real deal instead fired incendiaries…so, instead of acting like an HE round or shaped charge, it ought to be a bit more like a really intense molotov. Thermite, white phosphorous, similar to that. The launcher itself, much like the M72 LAW rocket, was collapsible—it was carried in a collapsed state, then had to be opened up/unlocked and expanded to prepare it for firing. The M202 was effectively semi-auto, at least as for how any game would portray it…

Hey man,

Less sometimes is more.
You write too much in too many topics.
Who should ever read and answer that?

Maybe you should make an own and more structured topic about your wishes and ideas.

In your last post here I just read “flamethrower”… And thought “man, we already have a flamethrower”.


I get that a lot. Always have, always will. I am “TL;DR Man.”

Gist of it? Pretty much none of these are uniquely my idea, which is why the posts were made here. They expand on the OP’s ideas, and add to or correct things others have said in here. But I’ll try to shorten:

1: Many man-portable guided missile launchers like the Javelin, Stinger, etc, are reloadable. They feature a removable, disposable launcher tube. A loaded tube contains a missile, and is mounted to stand-alone parts used for aiming and firing. A reload can be carried in the field, in the form of an extra tube.

2: Alternatively, there is no reason why a guided missile launcher or other weapon couldn’t be implemented as a ‘consumed-on-use’ item just like a hand grenade. There are plenty of ‘disposable, one-shot’ weapons out there that could also then be considered, ranging from unguided rocket launchers and recoilless rifles, to flamethrowers.

3: Shotguns… The AA-12 of the 1970s-1980s was no where near the functional AA-12 of the current day, I say forget it. The USAS-12 was a related development, time period correct, very functional, with many of the same selling points of the current AA-12, so I’d suggest the USAS-12 instead. The USAS-12 may be recognized from the ‘Stargate SG1’ TV series. There is also good inspiration for an Experimental USAS-12 from the original ‘Jumanji’ movie, the hunter’s replacement weapon. There was also the Vietnam-era tube-magazine-fed Remington 7188, which was full-auto. Good semi-auto options would include the Franchi SPAS-12, featured in numerous movies, including Jurassic Park, and with good inspiration for an Experimental—the shotgun used by ‘the Driver’ (Charlie Sheen’s character) from the movie ‘The Wraith.’ A more unique option, that I doubt the devs would get right, would be the South African Striker, a shotgun which was essentially a 12 shot revolver.

4: Revolving grenade launcher!? Yes, please! South African Milkor MGL was gaining popularity worldwide, and there were other similar weapons from other countries, other companies.

5: Ammunition types should be something we can mix. Don’t have enough FMJ to fill your magazine, but you do have plenty of AP? Then AP should fill the rest of the magazine! This should especially be the case for shotguns and, if implemented, revolving grenade launchers.

When there is so much to be spoken of, so much has to be said. Who should ever read and answer that? Those who are interested. Those who aren’t interested can and will do as they like, like miss entire points.