Full vision module boots player from game

Me and my friend are playing on xbox. It is just us two in the game and I am the host.
Everytime this attachment (full vision module) is equipped to either the binoculars or any weapon it boots you from the game when trying to use it. The screen freezes and then boots you to the main Xbox page.
It has happened to both of us. Everytime.
Great game other then the tiny bugs hear and there. We’re having so much fun.

It’s the OPV module that freezes the game when hovering at/close to a co-op partner. It works perfectly well in single player (when no humans are around) maybe it tried to trigger an x-ray vision of the humans, skeleton and all, and it’s pointing wrong, or don’t exist?

I’m on PC and have the same problem… and we handed around the optics with OPV in the team, and everyone got a confirmed total game freeze 100% of the time, when going close to view a human.

Is this known and/or acknowledged, as it’s really game breaking in coop, due to the game freeze (for user only).
Now conformed on Xbox too is seems.

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@Pig_Mac do you know if it has been fixed now for PC ?

Considering it’s been 5 months, and no-one has reported any issues about this since, it’s very likely it’s been fixed. I play on PC and I haven’t noticed any crashes regarding the Full Vision Module. Since this issue’s been solved, I’ll be locking this thread.

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