Funny Bugged Statistics

I was checking out the stats page earlier, and I came across something interesting…

I’ll never forget that incredible, 49 day nonstop shootout:


Wow. My longest fight is 51 minutes. You are a machine!!!

I think some of the stats are just there for appearance like the longest shot and longest fight. Almost everyone is at 49 days that has a few hundred hours in the game or maybe it is your first 1000 hours of game play…I don’t know

So when you’ve spent enough time in game you’ll get the same 49 days? Last time I checked it said my longest fight was 26 minutes and total combat time was 8 or 9 hours, and that was a week or two ago. I guess I passed the threshold since.

It’s a bug that’s been around for a while. I gather it’s not been the most important thing to fix so it probably hasn’t been a priority. Could become one now, though. :+1:

No it’s a feature :upside_down_face:

I am guessing it is done on time based in game or it is just picked at random. Mine also is at 49 days and several players have the same longest kill shot.

My killshot is by 4.62 km

My longest kill shot is still 377m so I guess I haven’t played long enough for that to kick in.

Weird though. I guess over time the game starts tracking so many numbers that it just gives you the maximum possible for some stats, or something like that. 1 mile is wayyy beyond the render distance for machines lol.

Someone in this forun once described, how it’s possible. 1 mile is a distance which should be possible by using one player as spotter. He tells the shooter, where to shoot. (“higher, lower, more right,…”)

Distances of multiple kilometers/miles are some kind of “cheat” to get high values, which even could happen by accident. Place a trap somewhere on Himfjäll with mines, let the robots kill you and choose a spawn-location far, far away. If you’re lucky the machines activate the mine and explode while you are sitting in a chair, watching sunset at Karl-Erik lighthouse. It will score with the distance you have from the mine.

Btw, my personal best shot was a runner at 413m.