Future machine assault

I would like to see an island that is in complete control of the machine horde with no way to access it from the surface but instead we can gain access through a subterranean tunnel under the bay. What are they doing on that island?.. whatever it is it has to be a threat to all of us… from a distance those machines look… well… different and could possibly be one hell of a fight on our hands. Let’s go wipe them out.

This is a cool idea - unfortunately, it’s been stated several times that a new island is not in the pipeline right now.

However, I’m sure many of us would very much like to see that. We’ll have to see what the development plan allows. :sunglasses::robot:

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Totally understand that but I just see so much potential for this game but I’m not seeing advancements in the gameplay. Log on and shoot a few robots and run around a bit is kinda boring…we need more adventures to keep it interesting.

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