Game Assets disappearing as i get closer

Hello to all, i’ve noticed as i’m playing Gen Zero my Assets in certain areas disappear as i get closer to them, it seems very random and i’m wondering if its connected to my AMD GPU or its drivers as i never see Nvidia players talking about this.

Basically you move around and things just randomly disappear then reappear, like bike stations or cars, i’ve even had a whole town magically appear in the past after i’d already reached it… All the buildings just pop in after a very close distance.

I’m on PC Steam version
Intel Core i5 7500 3.5ghz
ROG Strix B250F Gaming Motherboard
Asus Rx6700xt 12gb with AMD driver 23.4.3
Crucial 1tb SSD
32gb DDR4 Ram

It seems very random on what will vanish, and as you can see in the second picture the bike station is just gone?

I will note that this never disappeared before the companion update. But i did have other things disappear (the fore mentioned town etc).

Been happening to me too, Ever since the tactical response update.

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Good to know i’m not the only one, are you Nvidia?

I also have these problems that started after the tactical response update, but what bothers me most is the companion station, when I go to a safe house that has the station it keeps reappearing and disappearing, which is a problem, because it also affects it’s icon that is on the compass, it’s annoying to look around the safe house looking for the companion station.
But there was one time that one of those huge towers that has electrical cables appear in front of me and when I aim at them with a 6-12 scope it disappears again.

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Yes. And it has also been reported here on the forums before afaik.

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Hmm… I’m using a RX6800 XTX(H) with 23.7.1 (?)(Idk at the moment, the most recent driver) but I didn’t notice this sort of vanishing/reappearing of assets. Moreoften the magical appearance when moving closer but I think that is more related to the reduced draw distance.
At least it wasn’t that noticeable when I started to play GZ…

I can confirm that this is an issue on PS4 also. I noticed it after the latest update, not the tactical response update.

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