Game. Bug F23 Överby airfield

PS4, 3 other players was in my lobby,
It would seem that the falling through map glitch strikes again, for no apparent reason I am falling through the airstrip tarmac and into water through the map, yet I can’t get a good picture of this occuring because of motion blur, there was a player near me when the bug occured AK31 at the begining of their gamercard they saw it happened and said “what the f#*#” (censored for a good reason) we was fighting Tank’s on the airfield of Överby when after looting a tank and going after a runner that ran into a hanger fell through the map, I tried to correct the issue by fast traveling and that didn’t work so I tried exiting the lobby and I ended up getting the blue screen

I tried correcting the issue and now I’ve got a blue screen error

One tastey error code for the Dev team…enjoy (joking this is annoying though)

Hey Darkest, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: for future reference please refer to this guide to make a bug report.