Game Bug issues

i recently started playing Generation Zero again on Xbox One (previous PS4 Player) and have came across multiple Freeze crashes caused by FPS Drop’s with as little as 6 Active Hostile Robots in the vicinity of my character and this has been happening since the last patch as far as i can tell i haven’t had any issues of this kind on PS4 before not to point fingers or anything but this has also affected my main character’s progress as every time i start up the last mission of FNIX Rising my game locks up and crashes for no apparent reason, i have tried reinstalling the game itself to make sure no files are corrupted, to tell the truth been having lock up issues and sound bugs every time i spend an hour or so in game mainly in the main area of the game ( a few times on the Alpine Unrest DLC also) was wondering if there is a way to sort this issue out as i am at a loss and i cannot progress with my main character at all because of this issue.
Apologies for the inconvenience this game still has a lot of great potential and as far as i have seen (even with persisting with this issue) i have enjoyed the gameplay up to the point of my main character LVL25 having said issue. (Freeze lock crashes and sound bugs along with FPS drops.) again i have tried Reinstalling the game and DLC content to try to fix the issue to no avail, i would appreciate a response when possible.

Thank you.

This is as good as it gets ATM