Game crash after nomad spawn

Platform: Xbox one s

Description: approximately 30 seconds after spawning a nomad (hosting online or not) the game crashes. Specific coordinates are at/outside asotungan outpost that it cost happened start of the first fnix control point mission, hasn’t stopped since. I also have had the same issues wishing 30-60 seconds of spawning the nomad anywhere else. Redownload did not fix the Issues it doesn’t matter if I host or join. Re download did not fix the issue.

Host or Client: both

Players in your game: 0 or with people

Excuse me. What’s a nomad?

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Sometimes my Nomad crashes the game too :thinking:

Or maybe its this Nomad

I had a few crashes with No Mans Sky exocraft too, idk.


Ah, the motorbike.
Just with the nomad?

Just because of spawning it or does the game crash during driving it?