Game crash before starts up

can some one help me please .

as soon as I start the game I have a black screen and he crashes right away can anyone help me?

Hey Airsofter sorry to hear about your experience so far. If you could please ensure that you follow the correct format posted here so that it’s easier to identify the issue.

i just intall it on my game pc a coppel day,s ago and ther he start up and i can play but on my laptop it won,t work

Hi @airsofter_nl,

IF you have more than one graphics card (GPU), which is common on gaming laptops, you can have problems starting the game IF the wrong graphics card is set to be used.

Make sure you that the used GPU isn’t the integrated GPU (Intel, etc), you should instead use the second “gaming” GPU (Nvidia Geforce, etc).

This can be set in the settings menu for your second GPU (Nvidia Geforce, etc).

Hope this helps, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

ps. As pronto management mentioned, please follow the correct format AND please provide us with the specs of your laptop, thanks!

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