Game crash on startup bug from 2020

Hi, does anyone here remember that old issue where the game would crash on start up log in every single time you’d attempt to play? That’s still happening to me. I still cannot play the game on my Xbox profile. Rather dismayed that after so many updates and even offering my save files up to the Devs that I’ve gotten no response, or any solution. Generation Zero is currently a 52.5 GB lump of useless data on my console, help? Anyone?

This could be a save file corruption issue. Have you attempted to delete your current save and started again?

Before trying that, I’d recommend creating a guest profile on your console and launching the game. That way you can test it on a fresh save without trashing your old one. Just in case.

Either way, if it works on the guest profile but not yours then I’m afraid your save is toast.


Yeah, you’re right. My one weakness; I’m not a console native. So any help that can be
offered here, the better.


I indeed have, still no success.

I have done this, and I can play the game on guest profiles and other profiles. My primary Xbox profile is just broken I guess, at least for this game.

Damn, sorry to hear that it didn’t work.

It’s weekend now, but I’ll poke our resident QA Dev @SR_knivspark to have a look at your problem on monday. Hopefully he can offer some more options.