Game Crash Using RB or LB if workaround attempted

I’ve been playing for over a year and have experienced multiple game breaking bugs. This one is by far the worst. Every single time I use right bumper on my Xbox Series X and provided controller in any sort of way the game will immediately crash. One workaround I attempted was to pick up a quest item, use the shortcut to skip into the menu, then go to my inventory from there using LB instead. Nope. Still crashed the game. But I can still use the emote menu. So as of now I am completely unable to access the inventory which makes the gameplay pretty much impossible because even if I use my D pad I’ll forget and hit RB and crash hard.

This occurs to me no matter what. Always happens upon pressing RB. Have uninstalled, reinstalled, moved from internal to external and back again, played multiplayer and there is no fix I have found. This will happen no matter what state my game is in. New world, new character, doesn’t matter. Any sort of help or advice would be appreciated. I just want to play the game

Every time you hit RB? (weapon-wheel)
Or just if you want to go to your inventory (map, RB to select inventory-tab)?

I’d guess you once used a sorting or filtering option that resulted into a crash. Or you have some invalid item in your inventory.

You could try to take a new character in a new world and go to your inventory.

Do you own the DLCs? Try deactivating them and try again.

Always upon hitting RB no matter where. New character, new world, still happens. Uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail but did not try doing the DLCs. So I’ll try that and update afterwards

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Did you check another gamepad?

Just did. Same issue and the reinstallation of DLC also not fixing it

Not reinstallation. On xbox you should be able to deactivate them. Try with deactivated DLCs.

Last option that would come to my mind:
Make a backup of your safegame, then delete your savegame files and reinstall the game.
Start a new game after that and check if it works. If yes, restore your backup and check again. If it doesn’t work again, your savegame file may be broken.

Actually, while I was experimenting with your suggestions I believe I found a fix. I dropped everything in my inventory into a cache and then re equipped. Boom. No crash, nothing. I have no clue what happened. Thanks for your help though, I doubt that I would’ve found this fix if I wasn’t messing around with your suggestions.

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Mmh may be related to a recent base assault, where you maybe got some reward. There are sometimes issuee with rewarded experimental guns. If you directly equip them on the wheel, it isn’t shown in your hands and cannot be used.
Drop it, pick it up again and you go fine.
Sometimes there are even ressources in the wrong tab. But your issue was new to me.

I’m glad that you found a solution.