Game crashed twice and now I cant start it anymore

Today the game crashed twice during fast travel to safe houses and now I cant start the game anymore, I dont make it to the menu.

What to do?

PC Win 10 - OK specs

I have had the occasional crashes now and then but have not seen it as a problem. Until now…

Copy Save file at once and put it somewhere else, just in case. After that? Reinstall, put save file back?

For the second bit, check with someone else, but by all means copy save file…!

Yepp - did that. Actually everything in the Avalanche Studios\GenerationZero folder.

I think I´ll wait for the next update to see if it solves this. Hoping…
If not, reinstall will be the next step…
If that doesn´t work - it´s a great game - why not put 100 + hours in to it again! :smile:

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100 hours? - faint-heart! I’m well over five hundred and counting! :smiley:

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The steam file check showed no errors then ? At least that would be my first step, to let Steam validate the game files

And as a precaution try to copy the two save files away. At least from time to time or better before/after each game session. This way it’s highly unlikely that you loose progress.

How do I do the Steam file check?

On the left side where all your games are listed, rightklick on Generation Zero and select properties.
A new window will show where you select the tab local files there you’ll find check files for errors (or something similar… Sorry I’m using the german interface, but it should be self explanatory… I guess…)

I hope this helps, keeping my fingers crossed

It worked!

Thank you so much Kimosabe!
Great feature!
Backing up savefiles now. Again.

Hehe I see now in Steam that my number was a bit conservative…
It seems to be 432 hours…

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Good morning battler

You’re welcome, glad I could help :slightly_smiling_face:

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