Game crashes and shuts down xbox one x

Xbox one x.

I only play single player, game freezing around or in bunkers especially where there is gas, when the game freezes after approximately 30 minutes play I press the xbox button then the dashboard freezes and console shuts of instantly, controller keep flashing have to pull the battery out to stop it, but can only turn the console on by pressing the button on the console,
This has happened to me a bunch of times, was just hoping it would get patched out, console is fine tested other games with no problems,

Steps To Reproduce:
(press home button when game freezes).
Play single player on xbox one x, exploring bunkers with or without gas leak, when it freezes press the home button, In most cases the console will freeze and force shut down.

This happened to me today as well. Was in a bunker, tabk was outside, 7 ticks just stormed in an entrance, killed most of them them BOOM hard freeze on game and xbox shut down the moment i pushed in the home button

It’s crazy, I don’t know why this isn’t top of there agenda to fix, it’s definitely not my console, played it yesterday for over an hour but stayed away from bunkers and any mission related to bunkers with no issues, also strange how everytime it caused a force shut down I get no error code, so it crashes the console and it’s not registered as a crash bug ect strange.

Hello there, and welcome to the forums. Thanks for the report. This sounds like a serious issue, so I’ve forwarded it do the devs.

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Just happened again to me, though all I did was start the game then pressed the home button to check a notification, the Xbox light on the console flashed twice , audio froze with a popping noise then shut down , controller home button is still lit as if it’s connected, so seems like the game doesn’t like the home button pressed at certain times ect, I am worried this might mess up my console if this keeps happening , is this happening to many people ?

I had two crashes in the first week of the games release and since then no such issues.

Admittedly I only play solo but have managed well over 100 hours play mostly on a One-X but some on my son’s One-S

Perhaps any additional info you can provide the Devs would be useful.

Whether you are on the pre-release firmware programme and that sort of stuff

My colsole is up to date ,I’m not on the preview program, I purchased the game from the Xbox one game store a couple of weeks after it was released , the game is updated to the latest patch.

I don’t know if there connected but I’ve got the more common issues as well , screen tearing , frame drops , infinite revival when I’m taken down , tools boxes empty, I get stuck in a slow motion run at full sprint and the cross hairs flicker at the same time only way I can get this to stop is to press the home button twice then it returns to normal , and I also have well over 100 hours in this game.

This might be normal but when I press the home button in game then press it again to get rid of the dash I get a quick couple of frame stutters even a freeze for a second.

Sadly the screen tearing and empty toolboxes are normal.

I got stupid levels of slowdown 3 or 4 times and sometimes when there has been a big firefight things are definitely a bit laggy for a short period (and was much worse in my son’s One-S)

It may be worth rebuilding the desktop as I’m told it’s not uncommon for the XBox to get itself into a twist sometimes (well it is a MS product.)

I can’t remember the button combination though and I haven’t had to do that myself (though I find a full reboot every few days often fixes the feeling of slowness and juddering on the XBox front screens.)

I play on One-s and I bought the disk and I have not have any issues with the game, aside from it being a bit laggy if I play for hours on end. But PLEASE fix the bug with the toolboxes.

Well I’m sure there sorting things , even with its issues though I still find myself playing this game especially in single player and if the hunter call of the wild is anything to go by generation zero will only get better.

Yeah the only other additional info I could include would be that I’m using the One-X. And maybe that it has only happened to me once

I don’t think it’s cause of the console being a one x I play it on a regular Xbox one and I been having the problem but no buttons work it just shuts itself off without me pushing any button