Game crashes at online login (xbox)

System: xbox series x

The game currently only works offline.
As soon as I start the game online, it crashes in the login process and goes straight back to the xbox dashboard.
Deleting the savegame has done nothing.
I already had this malus could fix it by deleting the apex account. Now it worked for 4 days and since a freeze ingame nothing works anymore.
Any tips?


Same for me, need help,

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I have lost my account for the same 2 years lost with all my team. Now I made a new game and it has happened to me again!!! I have lost everything 2 times already… …

The forums are english only, please translate your post.


Ah that explains. I’m having the same issue. Just bought the base support pack and shortly after that it crashes at the log in. Thanks for the info. Hopefully it gets solved soon.