Game Crashes Consistently (when using the utility wheel)

I’m playing on a Xbox One X and every time I try to bring up the loadout wheel it crashes the game consistently no matter what. I’ve done it three times in a row so far.

Any fixes planned or what? This is my first character and it has all my loot. I’m on Series X now and the same problem persists. I’ve had this character since Generation Zero came to Xbox.

Hey, have you tried this on a different save? If the problem disappears it may be a savegame issue.

Did try creating a second character?
All the loot inside the plundra is shared between the characters.

Did you try to make a backup of your savegame, start the a new game and then restore your backup?

Did you try to reinstall the game in hope that this process updates your savegame?

Where exactly is the issue? On putting items/weapons to the wheel in your inventory or after that when trying to select an item/weapon?

Could you post a video of your screen where we can see the steps you do?

Last but not least… I don’t even know if it’s possible on xbox… But do/did you use mods? They corrupt savegames, so that after big updates it could happen, that the savegame file is broken permanently.

Be careful when doing this! You might lose all your challenges because of another bug.

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