Game crashes n loss of progress

I’m playing on the Xbox. As my other friends do. This game is like really good. But it has some problems.
The game will dashboard you either in your world or your friends. The biggest problems is you could be doing something like a mission, or taking over base.
The game freeze up and kick you to the dashboard. Guess what it doesn’t save anything you did. So now you lost all those materials it took to make it. You have to start all over.
This game has been out like what 4 yrs? Are you going to fix this problem? Bc like I said I like this game I’ve bought all the DLCs hoping at every update the problem gets fixed. And it doesn’t.
So Do I need to stop buying your products? Isn’t that called Lost revenue? In order for you to fix ur problem. I’m sure I can speak for everyone who experiences these problems on the Xbox addition. That can be a big big loss of revenue if we all stop playing your game.
So please fix ur game. I have no other issues with your game thus far.

Some more details, please.
Which xbox do you use?
Digital game or disc-version?
Installed on internal or external memory?

I bet most of the crashes have been solved with the latest update. It was the first one with a focus on performance, especially for older systems. More should follow hopefully. I guess, the experiences from the current steam-beta will also affect some improvements for the console-versions.

But besides these performance issues of course there are some locations or situations that currently result into ctd for all systems.

Reporting them as detailled as possible could help the devs finding the reasons and solutions, like many times before.

I’m using the Xbox one. There’s no disc drive so it’s digital on internal hard drive