Game crashes near safehouse and some rivals


My game crashes and closes when I get close to these two safehouses:
Österviks Industriomrade
The church north of Östervick

I have not unlocked these safehouses before. The first one closes when I try to enter the place from the south. I was able to get closer to the safehouse when I come around the north. I was actually able to see inside the building with the safehouse. I tried entering at least 5 times already in different sessions/days and it keeps crashing.

Also I can see the safehouse logos on my compass for both of the safehouses from everywhere on the map. They don’t show up in the map tho.

I also have the same issue with one of the rivals on my map. Whenever I get close to the rival the game crashes. I never get close enough to see the rival, but if he changes location the same thing happens so I’m sure it has to do with the rival. Also it only happened with this one rival and the others seem to be no problem.

The name of the rival is: Jaktmaskin 60 B-418 Hunter Military Class The beast of Skvadern.

I havent played the game for months and a I skipped a couple of updates since then. The rivals were just added this update and since it crashes with a rival I think it has to do with that update.

Steps To Reproduce:
Just get close to the location/rival and it crashes.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client:
I’m playing singleplayer
(Host with invite only)

Players in your game:
Only me

RTX 2080
Corsair Vengeance DDR4-3000 2x8GB
Samsung 860 EVO SSD

Latest update solved all the above mentioned problems. Thanks

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