Game Crashes on launch/ after some game play

The game keeps crashing everytime i launch the game. I few times i got in after a crash but now i cant. I have tried about everything i can think of to make it work. I am on PC thru Steam. i have a intel i7-11700 and a RTX 3070. Is there a way to fix it?

What’s your OS?
How much RAM do you run?
Did you ever install any mods for GZ (officially not supported) ?
Is there an error message when it crashes?
What about log files?
Are all necessary folders of GZ able to write to (no writeprotection)?
Is there any firewall or antivirus that may block the game connecting to the internet (regarding avalanche apex connect)?

windows 11, i run 16gb, yes only one. all it says is it stopped working. Yes all the folders are writable. no my firewall allows the game.

Two possible reasons so far. Win11 isn’t officially supported yet as far as I know and mods aren’t, too.

You can just try to completly delete everything (uninstall and remove every remaining folder and file) and make a clean new installation with a fresh safegame file.

Here ends the support because of the violation of the terms of service. At least from my point of view, but the officials will see it the same.

my husband is having the same problem that i was having and he has done all of that and it still crashes. he has no mods.

Maybe just wait until the next update.
It sounded like that there are some huge improvements are coming.

Did you test the beta-version on Steam yet?
Here is a topic about that somewhere.