Game crashes when hosting

I’ve played this game for about a month or so now, half the time solo, and the rest of the time hosting open games for anybody to join. I’ve had very few sessions joining others.

I’ve not had much issues with stability and crashes, prior to yesterday I would define the game as rock solid.

Been playing the new dlc content a lot, and are now finished with all (?) the quests there.

Yesterday, I was hosting games as usual, and from that moment on, my game crashes more or less all the time when I’m hosting a game and someone joins. At times, the sessions can run for more than 45 minutes, other times it will crash within a few minutes from the moment another players joins the game. As long as I’m playing solo (even while the game is open for participants) it never crashes.

Also, it seems this is related to the new island, but it’s impossible for me to know what is triggering the crashes.

I also haven’t experienced any issues at all if I join someone elses game, be it on the new island or on the old map.

Does anyone recognise this at all? I must probably have sent 20-30 crash reports by now.