Game crashes when trying to open Inventory or Equipment wheel

So basically I was playing as usual when my game crashed when I tried to open my inventory, the same goes for the equipment wheel.

This only happens to character 1 though, and since I have my progress saved on that character, I really hope that there’s a solution to this so I don’t have to switch.

I’m playing on PC, no mods installed, crashes both in single-player and multiplayer. Can post videos if necessary.

Steam or xbox game pass version?
Your game is up to date?
Do you have any dlc packs and maybe dlc items on the wheel?

What about the plundra, the fmtel-box and the recycling station?

Steam version, game should be up to date. No dlc.

Last time the recycling station worked but I am going to try again and see what happens when I try to open them.