Game crashes when using DLC Motorbikes

Sad situation for you guys, I was thinking about buying the DLC but now I won’t (Although I’m playing on PC)

I’m glad more people are bringing this problem to light.

Me too, the game is good but it still has a lot of bugs. Enjoy the rest of the game…

You want play with me tomorrow ?

While the base game has a lot of bugs, they really aren’t too much of a problem. But when you spend money on a DLC that is so broken it crashes every time it’s used, then it should be made top priority by the devs.

And yeah, I’ll play. Send me a friend request over XB. My tag is Andromeda.

I also think it’s true
My nick is BluGameplay660 I send a friend request.

Well P2P should actually make it a little easier to run down the bug. As was said paying for something that you can’t use kinda sux but I do agree most of the bugs I encounter won’t stop me from playing short of crashing when the encounter occurs.

From what I understand it’s extremely difficult to do and the devs don’t have the time or
manpower to accomplish it. Unfortunately.

sad truth, that would be pretty cool…

Sad thing is the xbox s and x has a good graphics card like a new computer does now. So that tells me pc has the same issue as well. Hope they can fix it soon

Problem is the game is offered to XB1 players and the integrated graphics on them is worse then my laptop by far. The heat the crashing can cause to these consoles is borderline destructive. If a player causes themselves too many in a short window I could easily see a console on its way to the trash can…

I even drove the bike at a slow pace like drifting and it and still crashed has to be something more then just render and xbox x and s have a 8 gig graphic card in them. Plus use ssd hard drives as well. So memory is a little slower but not much they at least have 32 gigs of memory. Xbox x has a much faster speed and better graphic cards I did my research on them. They just like a new computer from the Stores are just a but better for a console witch I was surprised about by far. Render could be it at fast speeds but at slower speeds like taping the accel to make it go and let off then a crash no something else is in play for the bugs on that dlc, it something the can fix, plus they can limit the speed a bit for help rendering in programing a bit. Just depends on what the underline issue is