Game crashes when using DLC Motorbikes

I’ve been having problems with the game crashing while driving any of the 3 DLC Motorbikes. I play on an old gen Xbox One so it might just be my console but if anyone else is getting the same problem it needs to be fixed

I dont have The DLC
But Its is you console…
I never see this Bug before

@Kyberlite you have other DLCS?

Sorry I took so long to reply. Yes, I have all available DLC content.

Its Ok, in another DLC you crash too?

No. All other DLC work normally. The motorbikes are the only thing that cause crashes.

Could the reason for the crashes be I am moving faster than the game can render?

I don’t know my dear friend. Unfortunately I don’t have the DLC to let you know m…

Do you play on Xbox or PC?

I play on an XBOX: One. I believe it’s one of the first models of the console so it’s very old but it runs extremely well.

Glad you’re enjoying the game. Too bad it crashes sometimes.
Yeah, I think the only solution is not to use the bikes🥺

Can confirm. Even the basic motor bikes crash on XB1s. Doesn’t matter if you have the dlc or base models. I went so far as to delete the dlc and it’s still a guaranteed crash in less than 100yds. Kinda hurts to pay for an object to delete it and never get functional fixes after the issue is reported but us guys on the lower end of the spec list don’t appear to be the priority.

Yes dear friend, it is sad. Have you tried uninstalling the game?
And then install again?

All the motor bikes crash the gane still, when will this bug be fixed I really want to use the dirt bike a lot but can’t since it crashed the game like all the rest.

I play on xbox s

Another idea… Of course it’s a performance issue, but… Is the game installed on internal memory or on an external drive?

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Internal would not work on external hard drive. Also happens to everyone else as well. I play with 2 others and there game is on internal as well both play on xbox

No performance is just fine the game runs great, but take a motor bike and go down the road on it then crashes. I have tried everything to get it to work, but it will always crash no matter what. My Xbox s is brand new as well. It is a big bug on there end, I just hope they can fix it soon. I really want to use the dirt bike

It’s a server sided rendering issue. It’s gotten worse with the latest update. There’s a new rendering bug where objects blink in and out of existence a few yds/meters in front of your character. Add the 2 together on XB1s and you will quickly be at the dashboard. Uninstall doesn’t help, I try it out every time they have a new update just in case it ends up fixing any bugs with a fresh install. The bikes are just too fast for the server to keep up or too fast for the consoles integrated graphics to keep up either way it’s clear it’s tailored ABOVE what the XB1s can actually render at said pace. One day I’ll be able to ride my bike…I hope…

The game doesn’t run on servers, it’s P2P.

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Do you have any idea why the game isn’t cross-platform?
Is it too hard to do or because the Devs didn’t want to?