Game crashing on XOX

So my game started crashing randomly (restarting console or exiting to the Dashboard)Also in some moments (also random) it’s working in slow motion. I have Xbox One X with new internal SSD installed. Every other game works perfectly fine.

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Was the game crashing before the new ssd?

No. It’s not SSD fault because every other game - No Man’s Sky, Red Dead 2, GTA V, Metro Exodus, Just Cause 4, Fallout 4, Aliens Fireteam and so on works perfectly, only GZ has random problems. I had Slow motion problem even before installing new SSD.

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Have you tried a hard reset on the xbox surprisingly that seems to fix alot of issues

If this begun after having the SSD i recommend trying to remove it from the SSD and see if the crashing continues constantly, the slow motion is just the fps dropping as consoles have always had issues with the game itself due to stuff like large fights or large cities.

But i have slow motion mostly inside bunkers. Never had slow motion in a fight even with 10 or more enemies at once xD as for removing - uninstall it and reinstall?

I assume the bunker thing is recent as when i was console i never had issues with bunkers unless in MP, for removing it from the SSD, im not sure exactly how it works. If thats how its done then yeah give it a go or if someone else that knows how external SSDs work, they might be able to help.

I’ve not had an issue with my external ssd. As long as the ssd is formatted and running a 3.0 cable it should be fine.

Looks like the problem was overheating. I changed thermal paste on APU and it works fine now. Also i have internal SSD not external.

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