Game crashing regularly

Great game btw and have completed nearly all the missions and the DLC, but the game has been crashing fairly regularly (probably once every two sessions) since the New Dawn update.

There’s no pattern that I can figure out, the game usually just gives a few clues like frame drops or gameplay grinds to a halt before crashing out altogether back to the desktop. I’ve just upgraded to a completely new machine too, so it seems unlikely its hardware related.

I’ve included some details and will update if I manage to get any more:

Platform: PC

Description: Regular game crashes back to desktop. Little warning except sometimes frame drops or game pauses just before crashing.

Steps To Reproduce: Haven’t found any consistent way to reproduce as occurs in battle or just wandering through the woods. Seems random.

Images / Videos: Happens too fast and unpredictably to capture.

Host or Client: Single player game

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Intel i7 12700KF, Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti, 32GB RAM

How many FNIX bases do you have active on the map? Try to take them out. If you reduce the number of FNIX bases to only a couple then the stability should be much improved.

Not so easy when the infinite ticks within the bases crashes the game before you can reach the base. Well that’s my experience.

Mine too tbh. I left it too late to tackle them so now I’m stuck with a game that barely works. I can only reliably play in multiplayer on other people’s worlds.

But even then it’s a game of “Russian Roulette” every time you go to loot anything, if you lose your game freezes and you need to relaunch / rejoin. :man_facepalming:t2:

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I had no interest in bases so allowed them to get out of control. I now have ten level 3 Fnix bases and ten level 1 bases for defence. I leave Fnix alone (because they crash the game) and deal with base defence as soon as they appear.
All the instability does mean I have been able to collect all 7 gnome masks on solo, it has so far been a case of “every cloud has a silver lining”, but now gnomes are everywhere interfering with everything.
I now find myself (again) of having little to do within the game until assignments start working properly.

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Today I got my first two CTDs with GZ since ages… Both definitely related to FNIX bases in the vicinity, the alarm sounded off while I wasn’t even near to them - at least I thought that because they were out of sight… - then the alarm started to sound somewhat distorted, machines didn’t react and seemed to be indestructible aaaand… hello windows desktop…

There is a need to reduce those bases as the GZ engine seems to be not able to handle them properly if there are too much. I’m playing on a fairly good system I’d say (Ryzen 9 5950X + 32GB + RX6900XT, all SSD) so it’s not too likely that it’s system related. And it started shortly after a screen pop up that FNIX had taken over a new base in the farmlands…

So imho there should be a way to disable those bases if unwanted. i - at least for my part have no real interest in those bases, not as FNIX and not as my own ones… - but they definitely start to ruin my game experience… :rage: :frowning_face:

My 2 Ct.

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This is happening on both PS4 and PS5, too. Since the new patch the game crashes several times a night. We’ve recently been trying to take out bases, mostly to get my friend some Command Tokens so he can build his own bases, and the game either crashes in the middle of the raid, or doesn’t spawn the shield generators for us to attack, so not as viable an option as I’d like. We were successful tonight, as I had tons of rockets and the walls were very targetable. The quest completed for me, but not him, and it was his session. Then we crashed. Again.

Thanks for the replies folks, I’ll try destroying some of the bases, though as @Tackleberry447 says, it’s made difficult when the game crashes before I can get there.

Just had another crash now, randomly during a fairly light fight with a Russian bot.

As an aside, have also seen some really weird behaviour through the game like the infinite tick attacks on FNIX bots at the Overby airfield and in other locations.

Also seen a FNIX installation populated by hunters and dogs that weren’t interested in me and couldn’t be destroyed. I have some video, so will post frames here if I can find it.


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