Game crashing repeatedly

**Platform: Xbox

**Description: Game repeatedly crashing when joining or Hosting.

**Steps To Reproduce: Restart game and play in the area Kyrkhöjden and Markbacken.

**Host or Client: both Hosting and client

**Players in your game: 1 player joining on Xbox

**Specifications: Tried playing the game in the area Kyrkhöjden and the adjacent area Markbacken. Trying to complete the side mission Scrap metal.
When playing for a few minutes the game freezes and shuts down. Has to restart from the Xbox start screen.

Both players Playing version v1.0.16.76

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In the last days I often had this problem, too.
I’m playing on ps5 and I never had these crashes next to östervik before.

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Platform: xbox one s
on mine the same thing,besides lags at certain points on the map