Game crashing via steam disconnecting

As a solo player on pc i think that using steam to connect even though im alone solo with no intention of playing with anyone else.

So to quickly solve this issue I think that the devs should make a single player with no connection to the internet at all doing this will hopefully solve this issue because haveting to restart my game after 10 mins because i got into a firefight and it got too hectic is annoying considering that i have to then run for 10-15 mins to get back to that point.

Finaly this game is a great game but its putting me off with the constant crashes.

Although a “single player” option isn’t a function we have, can’t you go to your settings and make it friends only? Assuming your friends probably don’t have the game or have any intention on joining if they know you want to do single player?

I’m sure it will be an option like Dying Light? Internet settings > Solo.
Maybe a feature like that and for sure more patches to fix some issues are coming. I play on the Playstation 4 and I have only ran into a few bugs that are not game breaking so far. Just little things I can move past that also don’t happen so often. :slight_smile:

I also play with just 1 friend.

they may have fixed it because after posting this i havent had any problems yet

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Hope it doesnt happen again :smiley: