Game crashing with gear on ground

This has happened to me twice now. First time there were only a couple of decent items (like the RPG launcher), so I just bit my lip on drove on. But this second time when I was moving gear around on a mule, recycle / decide to keep or not / put stuff back in storage / etc., the game crashed and everything that was on the ground was gone when I logged back in. This time there was A LOT (and I do mean A LOT) of great gear and hard to find ammo (RPG rounds most notably). There was a bunch of gold (yellow?) attachments and weapons, a bunch of AP rounds that I was going to recycle for the copper to make rounds for the recoilless rifle. So what’s the purpose of putting in a truly crappy crappy method of transferring gear if the game will crash and lose it all at any moment? Please tell me I didn’t actually pay for this game? Oh… wait… yes I did. eyeroll

The crashes do not appear to be consistent. The only commonality is that gear/ammo was on the ground. The first time the amount was rather low, but the second time… Grrrr! It happened in different locations and gawd only knows the exact type and amount of items dropped… and ofc, subsequently lost.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like this game is garbage because it’s not! It really is a great game to play. (Seriously!) Sure, there are a few glitches in graphics, and for the most part everything seems to run rather well. But the storage / ability to transfer between characters on the same account or between players in a multiplayer game is absolutely horrible. I’m pretty much now afraid to drop anything to help out a buddy for fear that the game will crash… takes some fun out of the game if you can’t help your buddy, or your own alts for that matter. Although the alts thing is minor truth be told.

I’ve seen a few comments about the storage system, some you have addressed and done a rather good job of it. But there is still more to go. A shared storage (for alts - hopefully eliminating the need for mules) and a direct trading system for multiplayer sessions would go a long way.

If I were to go back in time knowing what I know now, I would not have bought the game. Stability of the game should always be priority one! But it appears that it is not. I see complaints about the game crashing during completely normal operation, e.g. someone logging into the game, dating back over a year. So the game needed work on stability even back then. Seems like you’ve been spending plenty of time on adding more material, which I understand and agree with… but remember… stability, stability, stabilty!

I’m now at the point when I debate with myself whether or not to even play the game any more. Because I know if I even try to trade/transfer items… they can disappear at any moment, nullifying the fact that I even picked them up to begin with. Unless I don’t ever trade/drop items ever again… then I’m fine ofc. If this were a single player only game, I would not. I would just uninstall it and not even bother with a forum post. (Too many games out there that I can enjoy that are stable.) But I’m in a game session with a friend and I’m not going to stab him in the back and stop playing.

I’d like to end this on a positive note, so let me add that the graphics over all are very well done! Great job guys! The over all mission system… main and side, are also pretty good. As well as the weapons and other misc. items. (I’m guessing you are planning on plenty of new material for future releases.) From what I’ve seen so far, the ‘end game’ missions/random bosses seems to be working good and offers some variety. There is plenty to be proud of here guys… just needs a little more, ummm…, polishing. =)


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