Game freeze during fight with tanks

never had problems previously but nowadays my game freezes specifically when I shoot off the gun/missile off a tank. Just as the tank is about to launch at me the game freezes and closes down. tried both on-/offline but happens anyway. has this happened to anyone else? (im on pc)

Yeah it used to be really bad but got better over the last few patches; at least for me it did. Removing a tanks weapons and causing it to charge would trigger the crash but only if I had a lot of other bots involved like 4 hunters 6 or so dogs and maybe a harvester or 2 walking around. What’s the specs on your rig? It a desk top or lap top?

Actually, this has been happening to me quite a bit lately, so you’re definitely not alone. It doesn’t seem to be a direct result of having many enemies around, however. I was fighting an Apocalypse class tank with nothing else around, and as soon as it charged, my game crashed. Granted, I am using a laptop, however, this hasn’t been an issue for me until recently. I’ve never had issues with the game crashing until this point, let alone for such a specific reason, so it’s unclear what exactly is wrong with the tank’s charge.