Game freezes Game won't shut down


Xbox one S : I love this game and would love to help improve the gaming experience for all Canadian gamers. I say CND because I’m not sure if we are all experiencing the same issues. I have been playing this game for over a year and I am still experiencing many of the same issues that were there in August 2019. Issues like : The game doesn’t shut down correctly. After selecting Exit to main menu and confirming that I want to Exit by selecting A, the A doesn’t flash or give any indication that it received the signal. After a while the page changes to the Continue page…I go to the xbox Home page, then shut the xbox. The next or later the same day when I get back to the Continue page there is always a Note that says Connect Lost, I select A. The Note then dispears. Next I select Continue or Multiplayer, I then access the game and Freezes Up everytime, then it boots me out. After this it’s. OK. This is very frustrating since it happens all the time.