Game freezes on startup (solved?)

So I played the game yesterday after the update hit and I had no issues but today the game freezes even before I hit the main menu.
Platform is PC, I verified the files with steam, moved the saves and it still freezes. I saw the other thread about the game crashing but mine doesn’t even do that it just freezes.

Have you used any mods?

No I have not used any mods.

Okay I fixed it. I tried starting the game again and it froze so I exited the game using the task manager, I then started it again and pressed control+esc and it loaded. I then exited and loaded it up again and it now works again.
This is very weird.

Okay, weird. Glad you got it to work. :+1:

Yeah it’s extremely weird but I’m glad it works again so I can get my robot shooting on again.

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There’s another thread regarding problems on startup, but this one seemed different so I went on a hunch and kept them separate. Looks like I was right.

We’ll keep this one open, if anyone else has this issue.