Game frozed when i use the Recycling Station

Plattform: Ps4
Issue: When is use the Recyling Station, the Game freezes.

Are anyone have the same Problem?
Or any Tips?

Just by recycling or did you use filtering or sorting options?

when i want use it. The recyling menu dont appear. The Game freeze.

So, i think i got it now.
After a lot of trys i figured out whats the problem.
By me its a Problem with the Mp Compensators
The Attachment is a Sort of Toxic and when u try to use the Station, the Game freeze.
When some People have this Problem too, you must only give the Compensators out of your Inventar and now you use the Recyling Station again.
Hope i can help someone :slight_smile:

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The bug are appear again. So please somebody, check this in the next update. I lost all my hard to find Mp Compensators so. It real a shame :frowning:(
So the Problem is:
All Mp Compensators that if find, can be pick up like normal, but when i open the Recyling Sation the Game freeze. I try it a lot of times but its something wrong with this Parts of Attachments. It doesnt matter if is 1 or 5 Crow. Only the Guns in the Plundra are safe, but when i take it off, been its broken.
Maybe someone have this sort of Problem too.
So please help, thats a real annoying Thing
Console: Ps5

I figuring out now whats the problem exact.
In my Game i am not possible to carry two Mp Compensator at the same time. No matter what Crown Level. Anything works ok,but when i open the Crafting Station the Game freeze.
So if you have the same Problem put the Compensator in the Plundra and get a Eye on the Loot you get, so you can play normal.
When someone have more question add me on the Ps
Name: Raptor1050