Game has stopped saving after around 50 hours play

I discovered GZ just a few weeks ago and am seriously enjoying it. I have played for around 50 hours so far and only just started exploring the main island. My current save game is at the safehouse in Aso.

Last night I played for around 3 hours - had some cracking battles and found some nice weapons. I eventually ended up at the Minken Bunker. Unlocked the safehouse there and then quit playing for the night.

Today when I started the game, I was taken back to the old save game at Aso. All my progress was gone. I assumed it was just some weird glitch - so I once again unlocked the safehouse at Minken. Quit the game and reloaded - and back at Aso.

So I thought maybe there was a problem with saving at Minken so I fast travelled to another safehouse. Quit the game and reloaded. And I was back at the old Aso save again.

At this point I’m kinda upset. Mainly because I really am enjoying the game. Probably the most fun Ive had gaming for the last couple of years. Its a real punch to the gut to be forced to stop like this. :frowning:

Please, does anybody know how I can get things working again? I would really appreciate any help. Cheers.

EDIT: Im playing on Steam

Try disabling Steam Cloud (if you have it turned ON).

I don’t about the not saving issue, but…

…in the future, it’s good practise in general to make copies of your GZ game-save folder on a regular basis. That way you always have a working copy, if something goes awry. :coffee:

Can I turn of cloud for individual games. I actually didnt know that. I’ll give it a go.

Yes, go to your Steam games library, right mouse click on Generation zero.
Then properties / general / steam cloud

Thanks for the suggestion Gysbert. I was confident this would work, but no luck. It still loads up an old save. What’s interesting is that if I play for a bit and then jump out to the main menu and back into the game - then it saves progress. I just went back to Minken bunker again and unlocked the safehouse. I quit to the main menu and then continued - and the game started in Minken. I got excited that it was working - but when I quit to desktop and then reload the game, im back to the old save at Aso again.

I think I may have to admit defeat. Its such a shame - I was having so much fun. This really is an excellent game. But I simply cant do anything to progress the game forward. Time to give up and move on. :frowning:

that’s not because of the game has saved your progress. It’s because the game is still running in the background. That’s why it loads as fast if you left to the main menu and then continued the game.

Have you already checked your safegame folder?
Maybe it’s write protected?
Or could it be that there are more than just one folders with GZ safegame files? One, where the game saved at and one where the game loads from? Yes, maybe a silly idea, but who knows…

Actually, the one thing I didn’t try was to configure Windows Defender to ignore GZ. I assumed as it was working fine for 50 hours play, that the anti virus couldn’t be the problem. But it turns out it was. The only explanation I can think of is that a windows update changed the way Defender works somehow?

Soooo… I can play again! I am so pleased. :slight_smile:

Thank you people for you suggestions regardless. I appreciated the effort.


Maybe windows just wanted to protect you from FNIX :sweat_smile:

Nevertheless, good news.
@Zesiir issue is solved