Game ideas and feedback


I just think since it’s a stealth game you should be able to go prone and crawl around
I’ve tried to climb something simple as a fence and realized there isn’t actually a vault animation you just jump, so it would be great if we were able to vault over surfaces
I think it’s slightly confusing looking at the skill tree when all the colors are shades of gray, and the skill level is a tiny gray circle, definitely changing the color palette would make it a lot better.
idk what to call this but I think you should be able to press RB all the way to TEAM and then it automatically goes to MAP if you press RB again, and the same with LB etc. For smoother and easier more accessible transitions
I know theres a perk that allows you to get the two extra rows of storage, but I think giving people a backpack of some sort to allow even more storage for weapons and loot and ammo
speaking of storage, I think there should be some implementation of a vault or chest at each safehouse to where you can store your items for later so that theres extra room for the massive amount of loot and weapons we will get.

I just got this game yesterday, I’m just throwing out the first ideas that came to my head, if they’re already adding one of these in the future that’s great, but if not consider some of them. If I have any more ideas I’ll just comment down below what comes to mind


Great ideas! I hope they consider using them


Now that I’ve played for another day I have some feedback

AMMO - the problem is when you pick up ammo it either doesn’t stack into your gun, when you try and stack the same ammo in the gun it takes out the ammo already in the gun and replaced it with the ammo you put in even though it’s the same ammo type, so having to take out the ammo from your gun, stack it with the other ammo, then put it back into your gun is so unneccessary and time consuming and it should be easier than that.

GUNS - theres a few problems with the guns. Sometimes switching to your secondary gun doesn’t register and you switch to the gun you were just holding and it’s just a mess trying to fix it and try to go back to the gun you were switching to. Theres also been this weird glitch, at first I thought it was stamina being lost but now I notice it’s not. It’s where your aiming just goes completely awol and just moves on it’s own or super slow and not where you’re trying to aim, I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about.

MELEE - give us punching capabilities

VEHICLES - there should be some sort of transportation, it’s the 80s, someone’s bound to have some rollerblades or something. I see bicycles and boats and cars that are in perfect shape. Let my cyphen some gas and hop into a police car going 50 mph into a giant robot blasting when worlds collide from spongebob.

INTERACTION - hold x to interact. Sometimes it can be wonky and not work when I’m trying to loot backpacks, robots, open doors etc. Theres probably some other shit wrong with it but I haven’t found it.

MISSIONS - missions are glitchy and sometimes dont work, resulting in us quiting the game in order to fix it. For example we got the clues but the mission said we didnt have the clues and that we needed to collect them but we couldn’t collect them because we already had them. We restarted it, did the mission over and this time it worked.


WEAPON CUSTOMIZATION - you can totally deck your character out however you want with so many different choices of clothing and abilities. But how about your guns, collecting different skins, weapon variants that change the whole gun completely, definitly more variety of attachments, extra mag, laser sight etc. Add some melee weapons in the mix


ROBOT TYPES - definitly going to need more types of robots that feel special in their own way, big ass map but it might get repetitive killing the same 4 robots over and over and over, so definitly adding more types along the way will be great.
Some could be flying, shoot fire, shoot spikes, sneaky robots in the trees or bushes, robots that look like humans, robot dinosaurs, theres so many possibilities for this game, it’s a great game but I feel in type it could die from not having the right innovation


Love the ideas regarding movemeant and picking up ammo this what it shouldve been for a modern 1st person shooter.I dont think we need fast travelling vehicles like cars though because of fast travel maybe some type of boat and a tank?I do think the buildings like shops should be lootable not sure why theyre just for show.


That’s also an issue I see a huge house or big storage buildings but then they’re not even lootable, so hopefully they make those accessible soon, and any type of transportation would be cool


how about an attachment that does select fire on a weapon or that would just turn an automatic into a semi-auto or the reverse?


CLOTHING ABILITIES - I don’t really know if they actually make a difference, I know it says bullet resistance, but does it actually take away damage, I’ve tested some items and the jump boost doesn’t do anything, I’ve put everything on visibility and notice reduction and they still spot me from far away, the gas mask does the same damage if I weren’t wearing it, so I dont know if the abilities on the clothing are actually working or not.

LOW FRAMES - constantly in a big fight I’m dropping frames and lagging pretty bad and everything is just choppy and takes a while to catch up

SPOTTED INDICATORS - I dont know if it’s just me but when I’m in a bunker I’ll have every robot on land looking for me constantly on yellow even though I never gave away my position, and it’s as if i am getting spotted by a robot that isn’t there