Game is not ajusting for solo play

All the games ive played that are coop usually adjust difficulty when solo and when in group.
I solo everything with minor exceptions, those being if my kids want to play with. We did with this game and OMG was no chalange at all, but in solo no chance.
Just saying take a page from other games, if they say they cant to hard, not true first game that comes to mind that did this is Diablo II, uped difficulty with every new person in your world.
Side note if i knew it was going to be this frustrating wouldnt have bought. If it stays this way and they come out with DLC not going to buy, just a waste of my $$.

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It depends on what type of game you are expecting. Killing machines Rambo-style then it’s way to difficult. Stealth tactics and planning ahead, maby luring the tank to a gas-station or something - then it’s another story. I’ve managed to complete everything up to the top part with tactics and chosing my battles. And with great fun i might add. :blush: great game! I know that many think it’s too easy on co-op. And that i can see, perhaps more machines scaled to how many you are in the company.


It’s a completely different game for a solo player and the same tactics simply will not work. It is far closer to the concept playing solo - you are up against it all the time. A lack of patience will kill you all the time. Using roads will kill you. Running about will kill you - unless you are running into cover. Woods are your friend. Mines and flares are your friends. Pitched battles are not. Running up at tanks is death on a stick. If you are @tene then you can get away with it, but even he dies often in those battles.

I’ve been meaning to make a survival video for beginners, but I’m afraid my computer hasn’t got the grunt to run the video software as well - it gets hot as it is! I might even buy a desktop to do it with, if I can get one at a decent price. I shall wait until the update and have a think…


My approach maybe isn’t for everyone but so far its helped lots of players. You actually can and should run up on a tank, its the best way to kill it until the patch comes out. But in regards of tips and tricks videos, I have made plenty of them so if you or anyone else wants just search up tenebris infinite on youtube and you’ll find the wealth of information i’ve given out about this game. :slight_smile:

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Hi dude. I simply do not survive your method on tanks. I’m not accurate enough while strafing, and that with two hip-fire perks bought… Your method is so far different from mine, which is to find a cover-from-fire and cover-from-view position where the tank can’t target my centre-of-mass and hit it until it falls over. I survive all those, and none of the other! The rest of the time I sneak round it and move on. I go to cover for Hunter patrols and watch them move out of earshot. I do the same for Runner patrols. I engage only when I have to, unless everything is on my side. I watch all your videos, but suck my teeth throughout, since i can’t possibly reproduce it. I think I can, but die repeatedly, unless I rethink, and go back to my method of patience, patience, patience. That works for me, and I think it would for others. It would be vastly different from your methods, but between the two we might be able to give people a way to get started… :))


No worries bootie, i know my approach is more skill intensive than anything else. Dodging bullets and evading hunters is no easy feat! I can agree that playing the distance/stealth game keeps you alive, but i have a ton of fun running around in full on Rambo mode :joy: Nothing beats taking a tank down in less than two minutes in GZ in my opinion :smiley: But yes i’d love to see other people make videos on tactics and approaches, as i seem to be the only person doing it so far! and i honestly struggle with stealth in video games, im more of a gun’s a blazin’ kinda person lol if you ever do, pm me a link so i can check it out please!!


I agree that the game is much harder in solo mode but this topic has been discussed on other threads so this one is redundunt. Plz discuss in the other ones.
just search for “solo” or for “difficult”


I play solo exclusively, on my second play through at level 27. For runners and hunters, I find a structure to hide in, my favorite are the green three door buildings with the big sink in the middle section. If you hop up on the sink and crouch the bots don’t seem to see you and you can waste them. The only issue is when runners are shooting hedp rounds or the hunters are shooting gas. Then it’s a bit of a scramble until you can take them out. I do the same as mentioned above for tanks. I find a place where I can see them but they don’t get a clear sight of me. I hit their weak spots until they go down. Most times with their guns still on. Harvesters are the easiest after their runners are dispatched. You can get close and blast away while they stand there. I hope they bump the loot for harvesters, at present they don’t give much.


That’s the best part of GZ it has so much to offer combat wise, whether you like sniping from a distance, urban warfare, or guerrilla tactics, and i feel the lid for traps hasn’t even been cracked yet. pretty much has everything without the distraction of pvp shenanigans. :smiley:


I haven’t had problems with difficulty while soloing.

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I play only solo. Fought tweedle dee and tweedle dum a FNIX tank pair that showed up together and two FNIX harvesters plus their runners yesterday and had a blast. I fight from structures if I can, even if it means running through a bunch of hunters to get to one. Playing solo is absolutely doable. Pick your fights and always fight on your terms. And running like a scared rabbit while screaming like a little girl is a valid survival tactic.


Hear hear! Thats my style too. Sometimes i manage to turn the tide after a bit of running, sometimes i find more trouble than i had in the first place. But running and screaming is a valid tactic if your planning goes wrong.

Well, if you do not want the game, I love to…

In solo no chance?
What platform do you use, Sir?

Do understand, please, this game is not a “shoot quack quack”.
Here the “quack quacks” shoot back.
And are a little tougher than the average “quack quack”.
In here, tactical thinking comes in order, although…
…Though called a survival game, it is far too easy.
My first try was a walk in the park.
Kill machines with a pistol so bad it should blow up in your hand?
Bah, too easy.

And I won’t touch Multi Player, as that ruins it all even far more.
This game, seems, turned into a hoarding game.
And these new storage boxes made it even far worse.

Sad, truly very sad.

“And running like a scared rabbit while screaming like a little girl is a valid survival tactic.”

I concur. I did it last night running from 5-6 Hunters through the woods with my mate.



OK, I give you that.
Good one.

Now I used a lot of hyperboles, I hoped that was obvious.
Often I warn for this, but I dare just as often to forget that…

Loved the reaction!

this is the type of game I’m ok with. It holds your hand for a certain time, then tosses you into the deep end of the pool. Making you learn lessons to be done so harshly. In a way, it’s like a continuous raid, learning new ways to combat solo or with others. Playing solo, I usually fire from a long range position. If in a more urban environment, placing explosives, lures, and using surroundings to aide in combat.

I love an ambush, que John Connor Mode

Have you watched IGP on youtube?

That is one constant choir of 2 dudes screaming like little girls while blundering from one fight to the next… :rofl::rofl:

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