Game Issue? Need help

Hey everyone, I hope somebody out of this community can help or had the same “issue” like I have now…

All of a sudden my entire game is in high contrast scratchy comic mode and I have no idea where it came from or how to fix it. Updated my graphic card driver, rebootet system, changed graphic settings ingame…nothing worked. No gameplay overlay (nvidia experience e.g.) is active and it is just in Generation Zero, no other game is involved.

Even google did not really help to solve this problem…I dont even know if it’s really a problem.

Kind Regards

Unequip the glasses you just added to your character. It’s a status effect created by those.

Unbelievable…I feel so embarassed…xD Thank you…I’m completely new to the game and did not know glasses could cause such an effect…

Thank you!

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No worries!

FYI there are only 3x special pairs of glasses that do it, each has their own effect.

Gas masks also change the look of the game but in a more expected way. :wink:

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With question answered, i’ll lock the topic.