Game issues with companions?

Platform: any platform

Description: The game will kick me out, regardless if host or not, whenever the companions are used. Me and a few friends were playing just fine for a few hours but then as soon as we got the companions and released them, my game would boot me out saying I lost connection, even with perfect connection (especially to the host I’m playing right beside)

Steps To Reproduce: release the hounds, can be one or multiple

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: either or

Players in your game: me and one or more multiplayer players

Specifications: game would kick me to title screen saying I “Lost connection to host” or “Another player doesn’t have the required dlc(s)” Upon rejoining, I would become glitched, invisible to players, and my name icon would bounce around between my last position and current position.

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I am a little confused. You stated any platform at the start of your post but reading the post, seems only one. Can you explain what exactly happened on each platform please?

I can only assume you are not all in the game when this happens but id the same messages are popping up on all platforms then it maybe a connection issue.

It happens to me on xbox, playstation, and I have yet to try pc but I’d assume it would do the same. When I play by myself, I encounter no issues with the new companion, but whenever I play with a friend, I am the one to get kicked and get error messages regarding the connection or downloaded dlc BUT it only happens when either mine or the multiplayers dog(s) are out

Also, when me and someone else are playing side by side on the same internet connection (hardwired 150Mb) without the companions we have no issues, when we release the hounds all it takes is me getting into combat to get Kicked with the error messages previously stated

Thank you for clearing that up. A few days ago GZ team released a hotfix for pc but consoles was still going through testing. But I don’t pay to much attention to the console issues. Try PC!