Game/mission halting bug in the Minken command bunker [PC]

so i was doing the MINKEN bunker but i felt like looting before turning on the power, so while i was looting i saw a runner inactive in the red crate, so i destroyed it, then after looting all the rooms i could enter i went and turned on the power but it said something was draining it, so i went to go see what it was, and behold it was the runner that i had blown up before flipping on the power, still saying i need to investigate the power drainage, but the problem is, i cant, the runner and the electrical boxes in the crate are all destroyed, so i cant get into any of the rest of the rooms, or to the warboard, PLEASE HELP~


EDIT: Friend joined my progress and said it was standing up for him, so he point blank shot it with slugs and blew himself up, which fixed it and gave us the next part of the mission

I have the exact same issue on xbox 1!

Same thing here! So annoyed. I suggested they add a way to be able to reset missions to start from beginning. That way this could be easily dealt with, and also would give people a chance to replay missions they liked.