Game music/terminator music

Heyo, how’s everyone doing?
Anyways, i just got done watching terminator genisys for the first time. When the move ended, it play the terminator theme song, but i found it to be very very similar to the generation zero theme song too!
The terminator theme just sounds much slower than the games music, mainly when you get to the " duna duna duuuuuuuunnnn, dunnnn dunnnn- dun dunn" part.
If that makes sense, anyways, does anyone else see the similarity, or just me? :joy:

Yes, it is very similar.
Not sure, but I think someone already made a comparison on youtube, by slowering one down or speeding one up.

It’s known for years and seems to be an intended reference.


Oh alright alright, well cool, i didnt know about that
I started playing a couple years ago, but im not that involved with the community.
Ill have to see if i can find that video.
Thanks for the reply