Game no longer saves progress

My PC based version of Generation Zero will no longer save my progress. The last “savegame” I have is dated January 1, 2020 and the “savegame.bac” is dated January 2nd, 2020. I am able to play the game just fine but always start from the same safe house regardless of where I leave the previous game. If I exit to the main menu and then start the game again, my progress seems to continue from where I left off. However, if I exit to the desktop, none of my progress is saved. On a curious note, my setting.json file is always updated to the date/time I last played the game. I appreciate any thoughts on how I might resolve this issue beyond uninstalling and reinstalling [my next consideration]. Thank you.

The first things that come to mind are

  • access rights to the save files
  • a disk error preventing the file to be written properly

What I would probably do is

  1. back up the save files to a completely different medium (do that with Total Commander’s sync feature, it can do a bit-wise comparison of source and target file; would be interesting to see whether they match and whether this process can complete)
  2. uninstall the game
  3. manually delete the Avalanche folder from your “Documents”
  4. re-install the game and let your save files sync from the Steam cloud (in case you use that)

See if that restores the regular saving of game progress.

In addition you might want to

  • use CrystalDiskInfo to check on the health of your drive (or another tool that displays SMART info) - look for anything sector related (use Google with your particular drive model in case some of the parameters are obscure to you)
  • check the system logs for disk/storage related errors

PS: Not sure if a complete re-install is necessary to issue the Steam cloud restore. Depending on your internet speed that might take a while. However, this would cover steam file validation as well, and there are always reports that some issues have not been fixed be the file validation.

Thank you for taking your time, to response in detail. I’ll be away for a while so will need to wait until I return before further pursuing your suggestions. Thank you again. Greatly appreciated. Cheers

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Thank you for your suggestions. I was about to delete the entire game to solve my problem when I read on this forum a suggestion to try deleting the “saves” folder, first. I did exactly that and it appears to have resolved all of my issues. I am now able to save progress, fast track to another safe house - leave the game and when I return - I’m back at my last safe house so all appears to be good.

Thanks again for your suggestions. Cheers

Hey @Misha,

Glad to hear this issue was resolved! Closing the thread since resolution has been found.