Game Play-ability

Will this game be a play through once type with an ending.
Personally i would love for this game to not have an end, where although we may discover the story behind what has happened, it will be a constant struggle to survive.

Things i would like

  1. Objectives / Missions added.
  2. Places that you have been and cleared being re-supplied. Not just with fresh bots to guard, but with bots
    that have an objective to actively track down those responsible. YOU. Tracker Bots. Having to watch your
    back while traveling would intensify the atmosphere.
  3. Bots that are under attack being able to call in reinforcements. You will only have a limited time to find what
    you require before having to run or fight.
  4. A Survival system implemented at some stage. It should not be easy to survive.

Anyway thats all for now. Cant wait for release.