Game randomly crashing on Xbox platform

My platform is Xbox I am running the Xbox one X.
I know there was some other stuff you asked for for me to post in this but my short term memory is not what it used to be LOL but I will give you as much information as I see relevant.

I am experiencing random lock ups with the screen freezes and the game crashes; this almost always happens when I am in a battle sequence.

I thought using or refraining rather from using fireworks would help the situation like it might be a ram overload or a GPU overload but that does not seem to be the case.

What I have done to try to rectify the situation is completely uninstall the game and its updates everything and reinstalled everything fresh I made shorted it all on the same drive my external SSD.

Reinstalling everything obviously has not corrected the problem hence my report.

One thing I did notice when I was playing tonight was I was going after an apocalypse walker tank that was a rival. Unlike when fighting other battles where I would have random crashes every time the game crash and freeze while I’m fighting this certain rival and I would go back in go back to the same spot fight the same rival and it would freeze up again it did this four times on the third time I rebooted my box and it still did it. This rival was on Hjimfall island, in relative closeness to the northern central part of the island.

I hope this information helps I hope you can use it I’m really am rooting for you guys to fix the game I absolutely love this game and I just want everything to work.



I saw in other reports that there is an update coming out on the fifth really hope this fixes things like I said I love your game and I am pulling for you guys.

PS. I really hope you’re not going to say Oh this has already been posted I am not and most people are not going to want to read through all of your posts just to see if their issue has been addressed already.

That being said I really hope you guys extend the Halloween event past the fix because the Halloween event has been unplayable unfortunately because of the issues that are going on

Thanks for the information.

We already have a collection thread for the Xbox issues, and the devs are aware of it. I would normally ask you to post a bug report there, but like you’ve seen by now, we are very close to an update that aims to fix a lot of these problems so hopefully that’s not needed.

If there are still issues after the update, we’ll manage it then.

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