Game slows down

Platform:** Ps4 Pro

Description: suddenly I move in slowmotion. But only me. The clients can move normal and run in circles around me. And I have runningspeed skill. Hair Cross flickers when I try to run. And compass bar also flickers. It went back to normal after I fast traveled between several safe houses. Has happened two times this evening. And one time yesterday.

Steps To Reproduce: Play the game i guess.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1-2


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Same thing happened here (ps4 original). joined a friends game and during large firefights, or fights involving missiles the game would slow down dramatically. the host did not notice this issue, and I continued to lag / travel in slow motion until the banner displayed that combat had been won, or I died and fast traveled.

You can get that on single player sessions and it’s annoying as it’s usually when you are trying to run away.